Offer: DRaaS

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

As Disaster Recovery becomes indispensable, many businesses are using the Cloud to back up their data securely and inexpensively.

Design your own post-disaster recovery system on the Cloud with our simple and transparent DRaaS service, ensuring the continuity of your business without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a recovery site.



  • A thorough analysis of your backup requirements
    • Monitoring of your system alerts. (RPO/RTO)
  • Creation of backup strategies
    • Implementation of backup strategy
  • Backup monitoring
  • Biannual testing report
  • Flexible pricing
  • Managed Services also available for DRaaS

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  • 1

    Protection against all external or internal incidents & recovery times that meet your requirements

  • 2

    Preferential prices on resources required during DR

  • 3

    Significant savings on DRaaS infrastructure costs

  • 4

    Support in the creation of your IT recovery framework

  • 5

    Includes management and implementation of the backup plan and recovery tests with no impact on data