UbiStor Offer

Advanced Protection of Mission-Critical Data


UbiStor’s SafeStor is engineered to provide a solid foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity by leveraging unparalleled disk-to-disk data-backup technology. Fully adaptable to heterogeneous environments, SafeStor is the core data-protection solution you need to meet regulatory requirements, adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and conform to compliance mandates and company governance.

SafeStor is fully flexible as part of cloud/virtualization provisioning, allowing your operational needs to scale up and out. This modular solution can easily be deployed in conjunction with UbiStor’s SafeHost DR® to assure, when needed, 24/7/365 availability of data and applications. Meeting your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) has never been easier or more cost-effective.


Modern Data Protection and Systems Availability Powered by CommVault® Simpana®

SafeStor Enterprise provides fast report-back information that confirms all data-protection, movement and storage activities throughout the domain of your computing environment. Moreover, daily updates on capacity usage, threshold warnings and trending afford transparency that helps circumvent problems. And, in the event of a backup node failure, backup-and-recovery activities are automatically resumed on alternate nodes to guarantee job completion.

SafeStor EndPoint Protection

UbiStor’s SafeStor EndPoint Protection (EP) is the solution that closes the gap, extending your cloud-connected coverage from servers to laptops and desktops for your security and data-protection. EP is easy to deploy, bolting onto, when required, the SafeStor or SafeStor Enterprise data backup/recovery solutions.

  • SafeStor
  • SafeStor enterprise
  • SafeStor Endpoint
  • SafeHost

Ubistor offers for data management


  • Fully Automated               
  • Covers All Operating Systems
  • Compression, Block-Level, De-Duplication
  • Reduced Backup Windows
  • Increased Recovery Success
  • Foundation for Disaster Recovery                  


  • Local/Remote Configuration
  • Better Recovery Time                        
  • Fully Managed           
  • CapEx or Consumption Models  
  • Tier 3+ Data Centers
  • Archiving


  • Security and Backup
  • At Rest Encryption
  • Remote Data Deletion
  • Port Management
  • Aotomated Roll-Out
  • Enhanced Reporting

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  • 1

    No tape backups, no tape to manage, no loss of productive IT time;

  • 2

    Helps reduce storage load and operating costs through functionality that automatically deletes unwanted data segments;

  • 3

    Managed Services key in on ensuring solution effectiveness road-mapping unified solution that aligns with business requirements setting the stage for future growth and efficiencies;

  • 4

    Multi-platform compatibility consolidates enterprise continuity scope;

  • 5

    Solution delivered compliance-enable to reduce business complexity.